Where Can You Place Your Advertisement?

Each banner spot for the following section corresponds to the color areas in its corresponding right figure.

ALL Pages

Banner on the right side of all pages

1) A fixed size (160 x 120) banner.
2) Multiple of (160 x 120) sized banner up to the maximum factor of 4.

News List Page

  • Banner is only shown on the news list page
  • A fixed size (619 x 63) banner.

Quest Search/Result Page

  • Banner is shown on the quest search/result page
  • A fixed size (619 x 63) banner.

Quest Details Page

  • Banner is shown on every quest details pop-up
  • A fixed size (619 x 63) banner.

Advertisement Policy:

1) All advertisement must follow the laws of Canada, and any violation will be reported to the police immediately.
2) We do not accept any advertisement contain any racists, political, sexual, and violent contents.
3) You have to submit your own banner with the right size. Having us to design your banner will have an additional cost.

If you have any more questions, please contact [email protected]